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Kate Chang

February 9

UPDATE - February 9, 2021

Recently, many designers who take an interest in YMYX have written to ask about our current status and updates, and how it is going with the samples being made.


There have been such a large number of inquiries, and I do apologize for not being able to answer each message one by one; as a result, I post here a letter that I have shared with each of our existing partner designers, in order to update them on our status.


Hopefully this update will serve to answer and keep informed those who take interest in our project, so they can follow along in our current progress.

Dear Partner,


I write to give you an update on our most recent developments.


Just as you know, at present, we are now in the process of the sample testing phase with each of our partner designers, and just a few days ago, some of the partner designers have completed the first finished samples.


After having received their permission, we will share some of the images of the finished samples, starting with Gianluca Soldi and Catalina Ferragut, whose shoes were recently completed:

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