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Kate Chang

Apr 5  ●  6 min


To all our partner brands, and also those who are in discussion with us, and those interested and related parties:

At the present moment, we see that the center of this ongoing global health crisis, the CO-VID19 crisis, has taken root in Europe.

I have been going back and forth, and hesitating for some time, as to whether or not to write a letter to all of our existing partner designers, and those who we are still communicating with but haven’t confirmed partnerships yet, to express my sympathy and condolences during this period. The reason for this is that many designers that we have already partnered up with, have written to me and explained that they either lost their friends, or some in their family to this illness, or they are in the process of battling it right now. I do not want to bother or infringe upon these individuals, so I decided after much consideration, to use this format of an open letter, to express on behalf of myself, our company and team members, to our partner designers in Europe, and also our partner factories, too, and any others who may be affected, my inner condolences toward the pain and suffering this disease has wrought, for all.

Despite being now in this very dark moment, we still believe, that this darkness will soon move into the light. The darker the moment, the closer we are to daybreak. We see the numbers of increased infections and even deaths starting... Show more




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