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UPDATE - December 9, 2020

Despite the lingering effects of this second wave of COVID-19 now sweeping across Europe, and the severe obstacles presented by the virus, YMYX has not stopped, and we have been steadily pushing forward with final preparations.

From tomorrow, we will formally enter the selection phase to choose the final partner factories for our project, amongst the several hundreds that would like to join. In this evaluation process, each participating factory will create one sample based on the design specifications of those partner brands who have already completed their trademark registration, to demonstrate their capability.

During this process, the factories will work closely with our partner brands, and cooperate with them to produce the evaluation samples. This is an important process since it will allow us to understand not only each factory’s real quality level, but also their credibility, efficiency in working methods, responsiveness and attention to detail, as well as their communication ability.

Determining whether or not each potential production partner can work smoothly and productively with our partner brands is a key goal of this evaluation, in addition to seeing the final quality of their finished product.

Even though the majority of the factories we are considering for our project are family-owned, with long-standing histories and generations of experience working for top brands in the luxury sector like Armani, Gucci and others, the skill required to take on a large volume of orders is not the same as doing small orders; it requires a creative approach and working method. Taking small orders may be an easier task, but scaling up to maintain quality while achieving high volumes is very difficult.

Under these circumstances, it’s important that we maintain a very strict selection of factory partners, to find the most qualified ones for our partner brands. Only with the most suitable match in production, can the brands share their fashion principles and design point of view to our consumers, with exceptional quality in construction and presentation. Again, to achieve this, we have to ensure that each production partner selected has the ability to be creative and flexible in their working methods, and a real capability to communicate with strong synergy with each partner brand.

Right now, we are primarily selecting from factories based in Italy, Portugal and Spain. Our first product category will be shoes, and this week, we will already begin with creating test samples for one of our partner brands: Gianluca Soldi.

Following our shoe partners, we’ll move on to handbags, garments, and other categories in the following weeks to come. Every partner brand that finishes their registration, will each be able to undergo this sample test, to confirm the most suited partners for their creations.

We also believe that with the distribution of the vaccines ongoing, after the virus is fully controlled, we will see even faster developments.

Again, despite the difficult situation and challenging environment, for YMYX, and for each of our partner brands, this is a big and important step forward toward planting the first seed in seeing each of our brands’ present their design principles and fashion point of view to the Chinese market, and seeing them blossom and flower in the days to come.


Kate Chang


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