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UPDATE #8 - August 4, 2020

In this month of August, YMYX and our team will be in Milan to meet with nearly 500 brands and several hundred factories and suppliers. In the course of these meetings, we will be exhibiting to all of these brands, factories and suppliers in attendance the status of our entire project, in order to deepen the understanding and communication between YMYX and each of these potential partners who are willing to join us. At the same time, we will also demonstrate our sales strategies, and how we will aim to present the unique works of our several hundred existing partner brands, including those hailing from France, Italy, the UK, Portugal and Spain and elsewhere, on our platform and to our market; so that those in attendance can grasp the attentiveness and diligence with which we approach our work with our partner brands, and our overall strategy to spur their growth.

As the organizer of these meetings, we are thankful to each and every person who will come to Milan specially to meet us. We estimate that in this period, there will be nearly 1,500 persons coming; despite the fact that COVID-19's impact still remains, those coming to meet us maintain their enthusiasm, and from the heart, we would like to express our deep gratitude. We trust that these meetings will bear fruit to a deeper understanding that will lead to even greater chances of partnership. We also will be meeting with nearly a hundred excellent brands to finally sign our cooperation contract. In the course of these meetings, we will also be seeking the feedback and opinions of each of our attendees after they have each had a chance to have a detailed visit with us and gain a thorough understanding of our entire project, in order to improve in our work.

For many of our several hundred existing partners, the work of registering their brands is nearing completion, and we trust that they will be able to finalize these processes in the Far East region in the near future. We are also working hand in hand with each of our partners with urgency and anxiousness, to create the image and visuals that will represent their shop, their unique space, in our platform; and each partner brand is very diligently, and seriously, conducting this work. Each day, we are working together with maximum effort and frequent communication, all with the goal of completing that perfect shop image.

At the same time, because of the impact of COVID-19, many links in our business operations such as logistics, warehousing, and customs clearance, and even production facilities and material suppliers, have yet to fully return to normal operations, with delays being experienced across the board. As a result, despite the fact that we are filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation to enter the market, we will wait just a bit longer for things to resume near to normal rates of operation, and once they do, we will immediately enter the Far East market, and put forth our greatest effort, to gain success.

We also believe that together with our enthusiastic partners - whether it is our partner brands, factories or suppliers - we will put forth our mutual effort to satisfy the customers in the Far East, and in particular, in China, to establish the reputation and recognition that we seek, holding always a humble attitude.

At this moment, on the 'eve of battle', we are really excited, nervous with anticipation, and we will very carefully listen to feedback and opinions from every angle, and incorporate this feedback with the needs that we sense from the Far East market, intertwine the two, to create a comprehensive point of view from which to perfectly complete our brand strategies and make progress in each aspect of our business.

Hereby, YMYX would like to once more thank each participant for braving this travel despite COVID-19 not yet being contained, in order to have this cognitive meeting with us. It is with a truly humble and modest attitude, and with earnestness and respect, that we anticipate your arrival.

We will also take all the necessary precautions for safety and health, and simultaneously we ask each participant to do the same, so that each attendee can successfully achieve their purpose in coming to this meeting, and also so that everyone, including our team, can conclude this very huge series of meetings with ease and calm.

We trust that as long as we take the right precautionary measures, we will definitely achieve this.

As the CEO of YMYX, once again, I bow in gratitude to each and every attendee for your participation.


Kate Chang


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