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To all who take an interest in our project:

We thank everyone for taking interest and supporting YMYX for all this time.

With the exception of those designers whom we have already promised to meet in person in Milan in our next round of face to face meetings, those designers whom we have mutually agreed to sign the contract with but have not been able to meet in person yet due to COVID-19, and those designers with whom we have initiated communication with prior to July 1st, I write to update that as of July 1, we have formally closed our selection of new partner brands.

We have already signed with hundreds of designer partners, they are now currently in the process of completing factory sample tests with more than 100 factories in Italy, Spain and Portugal. We are conducting market research for each brand; we must focus our attention on this preparation work now underway for launch.

In the future, the next 3 to 5 years, depending on our needs we may hold another selection of designers for the project. At that time, once any designer has seen YMYX's operation and success in the Asian market, if they feel that they want to join and we also actually need new designer partners, we would be glad to communicate with those who wish to be considered then. We are very thankful toward all the designers we have met and communicated with throughout this time, no matter if it's those whom we only emailed and spoke to, or those whom we may have met in person in Milan; no matter what has been your point of view toward YMYX, we appreciate the time you gave us. We wish each of you the very best of luck and continued success. If in the course of our communication, we have disturbed you, we also offer our apologies. Likewise, we hope that you will wish us luck and success the same, and if you have the interest, we welcome you to follow along on our progress in the Asian market.


Kate Chang


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