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We would like to write with a short update and explanation on our selection process:

Recently there have been several designers who have been upset or disappointed, that we had not selected them as one of our partner designers after the interview process. There have been too many inquiries in this regard, and each designer has different reasons for complaint, so we do not have the time to explain constantly back and forth. We want to clarify a few aspects right here on our website, as to why we have made some refusals, and explain publicly. And we also hope, that each designer who may have been refused, can understand, why we would make this reasoning to say no. After this announcement, we may not make individual explanations one at a time.

Why there have been more and more rejections, after the selection process, is in fact not because we think that these designers are less talented than those designers with whom we have already signed, but rather, at this moment we have signed with more than several hundred designers. There are, however, many additional designers that have a design aesthetic that is quite similar to those designers with whom we have already signed with. Our business model does not rely on selecting just one type of aesthetic, such as just a feminine and classic look, or just a more avant-garde look. We do not make these kind of distinctions. The reason for this, is that in China, there are various stages of development in the country and overall region, and it is not a homogeneous society.

China has 56 different ethnic minorities, they speak different languages, there are different religions and of course, economic situations; it is a very broad ranging market with a lot of variation. And given the stratification of the China market, there are different levels of customers to be served, given the still uneven development of the country today, they have different needs and preferences. There are Tier 1, Tier 2, and even Tier 3 cities, so the price, and aesthetic, has a wide range to cover.

Each of the designers we have selected, really does understand our thinking - they are full of passion, and enthusiasm, and with the spirit of serving their customers, they are ready to tackle this market and work with us, for different levels of consumers as well.

But when the types of aesthetics represented are too many, it is true that we will have some difficulty in seeking success for each designer, and therefore, our rejection of some candidates, is not just meant to protect our investment, it is also a kind of respect and goodwill toward the designers we have had to turn away. Because if they had joined us, but did not succeed ultimately, it would create a sense of failure, which would not be a pleasant one and at the same time, too many similar designers appearing in this market would cause the market to be too crowded, and for the brands of those designers with whom we have already signed with, it would create an excessive amount of competition. We do sincerely hope, that if any of these designers who were rejected still hope to join us and become a partner designer, they can consider to adjust their aesthetic slightly, and create an even more unique representation. If they do so, they can also feel free to contact us again, and we would still believe that there will be a good chance to cooperate.

At the same time, our plan at the present is to hold another round of designer selections in three to five years. At that time, if you are one of those designers who has been refused previously, but your design aesthetic has since evolved, you can also similarly contact us as well.

At this present moment, we are selecting for those designers who have a unique point of view, and can really present that unique fashion point of view very strongly.

We very deeply believe that these kind of designers, can capture the hearts of a good number of customers in this vast market of China and the surrounding regions of the Far East, and can also turn those customers into true fans.

This unique offering to our market, is the direction that we are working hard towards, and all of the designers who cooperate with us, should be able to succeed based on this, at least, they should be able to make money. This is our mission and dream.

At present, there are many factories and suppliers even based in Europe, for instance in Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Bulgaria, with whom we have decided to cooperate with in the future, of course this also includes factories from China, and Taiwan and elsewhere, such that based on their different design aesthetic, and the level of consumers they are targeting in our market, each of our partner designers can eventually produce in either of these countries.

In this moment, we are laying the preparatory groundwork, and our partner designers are in the process of applying for their trademark registrations, via service providers they have located on their own to handle this process. Following this, each of our partner designers will also be selecting the space and location of their dedicated shop as well for when we begin to operate. As a result, for those designers whom we have had to say no to, if you have not been selected this time, you can still keep abreast of our activities, if you feel that your aesthetic has been evolving constantly, you can once again contact us.

If you as a designer do not have the ability to change a part of your aesthetic, then I do apologize, we really do not have the ability to accept this many designers with a similar aesthetic in each level. Because after all, to make a brand successful really does take time, effort and investment, and it is a long process that involves a great amount of financial risk as well. Once again, toward those designers we had to say no to, it is only that we have met you a bit late in this process, and not necessarily that we do not agree or believe in your design abilities. No matter who you work with, I believe, you would find your chance and opportunity. I also hope that you can utilize the time that we have spent communicating with each other, even if ultimately we do not advance to a cooperation, to understand the existence of this vast market in China, you can hopefully through our interactions, have understood a bit more about this market, how it moves, and even try to enter this market on your own or in other ways.

We trust and believe, that this massive market in China, and the people who comprise it, are starting to pursue their fashion needs and dreams in a very discerning way; this will definitely give all talented designers the chance, even those that we have rejected, that chance to carve out a portion of this market share for themselves.

No matter what, we want to say that our mutual communication is a kind of destiny in and of itself, and even though we have not ended up working together after this long communication, to those designers whom we have rejected, or to those designers who have rejected us, we really believe that this communication has existed for a reason, in your life as a fashion designer. We do want to say sorry to those designers we could not bring on board in this moment. If you do still venture to our markets, please let us know, and we will try to be as helpful as we can.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Kate Chang


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